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Lower your manufacturing costs without sacrificing quality


Everything You Need to
Build Products People Love

Our Clients choose us as their manufacturer because we help them deliver quality products while lowering their overall costs so they can focus on keeping their customers happy.

We navigate you through material selection, lower your unit costs, minimize capital equipment investment and produce smaller order quantities.

Feasibility Analysis

Receive a free cost analysis and manufacturing feasibility study to avoid lost development time and unnecessary costs

Prototype Development

Perform alpha and beta testing so you can pitch it to investors without breaking the bank on development costs

Tooling & Injection Molding

Lower your capital equipment investment through our comprehensive Tooling & Injection Molding program

Quality Control Audits

Our Quality Assurance teams are in China 24/7 to ensure products get made the way they were envisioned


Reduction of Tooling Investment


Lower Production Costs

Industry Specific Engineers

Paragon Certified Suppliers

Source The Right Suppliers

Manufacturing isn’t one-size-fits-all. Paragon’s approach is to handpick skilled engineers and supply chain professionals from virtually every industry to pair with our certified network of factories to ensure you get the product you want at the right price.

Scale to Sell

Our dedicated teams are strategically located in 8 locations throughout China to respond at a moment’s notice ensuring your product is being manufactured to your standards. You should know the true story of what is going on 7,000 miles away. Let Paragon be your guide.

Succeed at Sustainability

The product lifecycle extends well beyond the moment of purchase. We partner with our clients to execute efficient designs and eliminate wasteful processes, while adhering to strict EPA standards and local labor laws.

Who We Work With

Retailers & E-Commerce

Lower your Minimum Order Quantities and always have a constant flow of inventory when you need it.

Hardware Startups

Leverage our years of experience designing parts for mass-production so you can grow your business.

Product Designers

Turn your beautiful design into real products that people love to use.


Increase efficiencies and reduce lead times across your entire supply chain.

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